After 1989, the Romanian justice system has started to become a weapon for groups of interest from politics and the secret services of this country. These groups of interests have begun to recruit magistrates with the past compromised or magistrates with a poor experiences in the legal and judicial system. In exchange of the promotion and of lack of reaction to the abuses from the justice system , the magistrates, have started to act to the orders on which they started to receive them from these groups.

For the beginning , these magistrates which was recruited by different groups was placed to the leadership of the justice institutions.

THE  PURPOSE ? In the case in which a person makes a complaint against the magistrate which investigating his case,  the deprived person will not have a chance to obtain  a favorable solution against the magistrate denounced.  Because in Romania , any complaint with regard to the behavior of the magistrate from the file, is solved by the Chief Prosecutor. ( which is  his colleague ) and a complaint against a judge is solved by the President Institution or by IJ (Judicial Inspection ) or CSM (The Superior Council of Magistracy).  This group of interests to create the impression of a truly independent judiciary,  has created institutions to use them in personal interest: The Superior Council of Magistracy and Judicial Inspection.

In these institutions they infiltrated in proportions of 90% (a majority vote) magistrates which can be always  blackmailed by their own past. And if  a citizen of this country who is disadvantaged by ” the power” of a magistrate  and who dares to defend his right, making complaints against the abuse committed by a magistrate, this citizen will be “defended ”  by these institutions ” which  are  protected by the system”  and the system will issue formal addresses by which he will says ” Was not found  any abuse, everything is legal “

HOW FAR ? The Justice of Romania is led by these system,  which  was absorbed by diferent groups  from the lowest clerk to higher institutions.  UNTIL? It cannot be predicted. These groups of interests in the long term, has transformed the systemromanian justice system in a black hole. Opinion polls show that almost 10% of the population this country benefit from a fair trial and transparent manner. CHANCES ? None . The system is so tightly controlled that the citizens  of this country have had more chances at a fair and transparent trail , now 50 years.
RISKS ? Huge. By the decisions compromising , the Courts of Romania are producing a judicial practice wrong and abusive. The following processes will have the same solutions as the previous processes. The same procedural actions shall be resolved in agreement with the previous solutions. The justice of this country is an concentration camp like an Auschwitz , that destroys anything with regard to fundamental human rights, a fair and transparent process, a independent justice or other fundamental rights.