¬†Judge, Viorel MunteanuThe Judge , Viorel Munteanu is a very controversial judge. This judge, to promote on “occult” ways, he favored an important company petroleum in a criminal case . It is the case No. 628/260/2012 from Moinesti Court.

In December 2010 a house in the village Zemes, Bacau County exploded. One of the victims suffered burns of grades 3 and 4 on 30% of his body. A day after the explosion were evacuated other six families. It was agreed that gas wells would have been the source of the explosion (and attorney have supported this).

Oil wells belonging to SC OMV Petrom SA – THE LARGEST OIL COMPANY IN SOUTH EAST OF EUROPE . Oil company refused a deal on the grounds that it would create a precedent. Area manager of the company, Mr. Constantin Constantinescu, informed victims that they have no chance in court because SC OMV Petrom is too strong . He was right. DESPITE THE FACT THAT prosecutors have PROVEN the company guilty , the judge Viorel Munteanu acquitted oil company .

The purpose ? : Obtaining promotion. After only one month after the verdict, was promoted.

The explosion of the Zemes According to sources from the system, the judge Viorel Munteanu has repeatedly requested from the Court Moinesti where there had been appointed by decree in 2012. In January and March 2013, the Superior Council of Magistracy , does not allow transfer of the magistrate at the Roman Court or Bacau Court. But after the oil company declared not guilty in this case (Although many people have been hurt), the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) it promotes on judge Viorel Munteanu at the Court Bacau. Surprisingly? Not necessarily. As long as he’s worked for Bacau Court has been recruited by the interest group headed by a former prosecutor DIICOT Bacau. Colleagues in the judicial system from Romaniain, would be protected by the special services. However, sources within the DNA have confirmed that Judge has some complaint lodged to DNA (The National Anticorruption Directorate) on his name and DNA started checking them.

It’s been almost 3¬†years after the explosion and victims fight for justice and now .

In the following investigations, we will present other files in which this judge has destroyed independent justice principles and transparency trial