The Mayor of Recas, Timis Police Chiefs and the head of traffic police, detained preventively

Florin Bolbos,Sorin Muntean,Teodor Pavel

 Timis County Police Chief, Sorin Muntean, and his deputy, Bolbos Florin, head of Traffic Police Timis Crăciunescu Marcel Mayor Recas, Theodore Paul , Recaş police chief, Marian Temu, and Recaş local police chief, Adrian Berzescu, were taken Tuesday afternoon, the County Court, proposing arrest.

                Also Tuesday, were again heard officers from the Road Traffic Service Girbau Vasil Cosmin Bledea detained in the case, for bribery and after the hearings, prosecutors ordered that they be investigated under judicial control.

                    Monday morning, DNA has made several searches Timis County Police, Road Traffic Service, the Police Recaş, Recaş Hall, Local Police of the City Hall and Police Station Recaş Motorways – A1 Motorway Police Office Deva – Nadlac and at home Head of County Road Traffic, Marcel Crăciunescu, Ghiroda village, and at his parents home in Timisoara, in a case regarding corruption offenses and corruption similar to those which were committed between 2013-2014.

            Following these raids, several people, including Timis county police chiefs and Mayor Recaş, were taken to hearings after about eight hours of search. Also were taken to the chief commissioner hearings Claudiu Cheb, Lugoj Police Chief, and Chief Commissioner Marius Rad, head of traffic police Lugoj, judicial sources saying they are heard as witnesses.

            Hearings were completed only on the night of Monday to Tuesday after 3:00 pm, and after their eight people were detained for 24 hours. Also at the DNA Timisoara they were brought several boxes of documents seized by prosecutors.

            The DNA prosecutors detained Timis county police chief, Peter Sorin Muntean, and his deputy, Florin Mircea Bolbos and Recaş police chief, Marian Dorinel Temu, for abuse of office, County Road Police chief, Marcel Nicuşor Crăciunescu for four offenses of bribery, the mayor Recaş, Theodore Paul, for incitement to usurp the function, harassment and abuse of office, and the local police chief Recaş, Doru Adrian Berzescu (public servant subordinate to the mayor Recaş) to usurp the function and harassment, and police officers Ionut Cosmin Bledea Vasil Gîrbacea for bribery.




The lawyer MIHAI VALERIU ADRIAN was convicted

The lawyer MIHAI VALERIU ADRIAN, lawyer in the Bar Constanta, was sentenced on January 14 2015 by the High Court of Cassation and Justice for influence peddling.

In accordance with the institutions of investigation, in the period February 2011 – June 2012, the defendant Mihai Valeriu Adrian claimed from a denouncer (former policeman and client of the lawyer) 8000 euros, from which he received the 2500 euros.

In exchange for money , the lawyer Mihai Valeriu Adrian he promised that he would intervene to the criminal institutions so that the denouncer to benefit from halving the punishment in the criminal case in which it was investigated in that period.

Also in the period January-March 2006, the lawyer Mihai Valeriu-Adrian he claimed and received from another denouncer the sum of 2,000 euros,  in exchange he  promise that he would intervene at the judge of the Court of Constanta, who was invested with the judgment a case of the denouncer for determine a favorable solution.


IORDACHE FLORIN comisar sef de politie

FLORIN IORDACHE, Inspector Chief of police within the I.P.J Brasov ( The District Police in Brasov ) – The Fraud Investigation Service, he was sentenced by the Court of Appeal Brasov at 2 years and 8 months in prison with suspension for the commission of the abuse in service, in a continued form.

FLORIN IORDACHE was convicted because in the period from November 2011 – august 2013, he took the money in based on reports on which it has made at the different persons .

Instead of surrender of the money and assets seized at the Chamber of the Delict Corps of the Service Operative Records and Criminal Record of the Police Inspectorate in Brasov or to the Treasury, within 48 hours, the Commissioner Florin Iordache he kept for himself.

Thus the Commissioner of Police Florin Iordache, has harmed the state with the amount of 5000 euros.