Lawyer of Sibiu detained because he sent someone else to represent them client

Lawyer Mihaela FaramusIn the days of 11 and 12 March 2015, defendant Mihaela Farmus, lawyer at the Bar Sibiu , caused a person to participate in its place, as a lawyer in folder No. 189/P/2012,  knowing that this person does not have the status of lawyer.  Mihaela Farmus is now accused by prosecutors DNA of aiding and abetting and incitement to crime without the right to exercise a profession or activity. Thus, for the purpose of bringing legal appearances, guilt Farmus Mihaela has issued two powers lawyer profession that imply through which the person concerned is authorized to grant legal assistance in the face of National Anticorruption Directorate to the defendant Deaconu Georgia while ensuring that the acts produced by the prosecution to be hit by absolute nullity