Attorney Constantin Balaban, indicted for bribery

  Prosecutors DNA – SectionProsecutor Constantin Balaban for fighting corruption sent to trial, remand, Constantin Balaban, senior prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office near Macin Court, at the material time for performing financial transactions as trade acts incompatible function to obtain for himself money, goods or other undue

advantages, false statements, repeated acts (7 material acts) and bribery (three offenses).                There have also been brought to justice, in liberty, Regep-Uta Aslan, Marian Cherry, Teodor Viorel Sava Liviu Amet, for bribery, and Valentin Jugănaru, complicity in bribery.

    According to the indictment prepared by prosecutors DNA, in February 2015 Constantin Balaban, the chief prosecutor of the Court Prosecutor’s Office attached Macin received from two individuals, through intermediary as a bribe, a 70 kg calf after slaughter, about 200 euro in exchange for favorable settlement of a criminal case in which they were investigated for injury.

        Also, Constantin Balaban is accused in August-September 2014 received from another person, through an intermediary, within the Prosecutor’s Office near Macin Court successively, the amounts of 550 euros and 700 lei. In exchange for the bribes, Balaban has agreed with the establishment of a favorable solution in a criminal case that person was prosecuted for driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Thus, at the initiative of the investigated person, he drew up a plea agreement by which the person received the sentence of one year in prison, with the postponement of enforcement.

    Anti-corruption prosecutors have detained in the indictment that between 23 July 2007 – March 4, 2015, Balaban managed a company that was the sole shareholder and administrator of his wife, the effect was directly involved in managing commercial relationships with other companies. On August 16, 2007, following the establishment and operationalization of that company, he credited her as an individual, with the amount of 244,000 lei and 16 July 2012, with the amount of 4,200 lei. However, on July 23, 2007- 2 March 2009 and 1 November 2011, Constantin Balaban, through the administrator, credited the same company with a total of 375,000 lei.( about 10.000 euro)

        These loans are not found mentioned in the declarations of wealth produced, as a prosecutor for the years 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and there are no data that would have revealed that these claims were extinguished by the repayment of loans by the company. Furthermore, within these statements, under “Revenue” he passed prosecutor salary and the salary of his wife, without there being any mention of the company in question, although his wife, scripting, act as the administrator and sole, and society He had a turnover for the years 2012-2014 in the amount of 1,066,368 lei. (about 25.000 of euro)

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This is just a pawn from corrupt justice of Romania. Real Octopus she knew, since 2005  that it is corrupt. In those circumstances  why  state institutions left him to pronounce in many causes ? Who could  blackmail this judge and why it took so long to come down ? We believe that was the risk that through acts of corruption committed by it, to reach the CSM or other institutions.


Stan Mustata, former judge at the Court of Appeal, was sentenced Friday , april, 24, 2015 by Court of Appeal to 10 years and 8 months in prison for bribery and influence peddling. The former magistrate of the Court of Appeal Bucharest is accused, that through a network of was part of it and a clerk , recruiting customers from demanding bribes, to solve them favorable processes.

The dialogues held between members of the group from which was part judge Stan Mustata, look their interest to charge fees for favorable solutions in folders, according to DNA. The judge shall negotiate bribe in the toilet, and when he spoke he drew water.

Stan Mustata has been found guilty after it has received the bribe six times and was sentenced to 7 years in prison. Five because he joined an organized infractional group. His former colleagues gave the other four years for peddling influence plus 2 after she had used the illegal information in the Court of Appeal. After merging all penalties will serve the heaviest penalty plus an increase. So, 10 years and eight months in  prison.