BARBA LATA GEORGETA , former judge at the High Court of Cassation and Justice of Romania was condemned

BARBALATA GEORGETAGeorgeta Barbălată is a controversial judge in Romania . A former judge of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) from 8 July 2004 – 31 August 2012 and spokesman of this institution. Barbălată was part of the four magistrates of the High Court of Cassation and Justice which could issue warrants for interception of communications on the basis of national security law  . He got media attention in 2011 when he appeared in photos with the family of a Vietnamese businessman (Le Duc Hoa), arrested for money laundering and establishing a criminal organization .

     The judge, Georgeta Barbălată the High Court of Cassation and Justice has been sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for favoring the criminal.  On July 21, 2014, the National Integrity Agency (ANI) found there was a difference undue 199,536 lei (over 60,400 euros) and revenues from acquired wealth with family by Georgeta Barbălată.

   In the same case, were sentenced a former Attorney General, Marcel Sâmpetru, 2 years probation, and former head of the Intelligence and Internal Protection, Mihai Vlad, all sentenced to 2 years probation for disclosure information that should not be made public. Georgeta Barbalata, once it has decided, as a judge at, at the request of SRI, three ruled on the basis of which they were issued arrest warrants for national security on the names of some persons, He disclosed that Mihai Vlad data from persons who were the subject of research of information structures, data which were known by virtue of their duties in service, its actions which are such as to endanger security of the state.

     “Specifically, on 16 March 2012, Sâmpetru asked Mihai Vlad to find out whether a telephone is intercepted, on 23 May 2012 and requested to provide data and information on the person who fulfilled the Minister of Transport and the the same date, received an envelope with Vlad Mihai information not intended for advertising, given that I had requested earlier, also in May-June 2012, asked the chief SIPI (Intelligence and Internal Protection) Ilfov to check if his name appears in the papers or requests interceptions of service. Following the investigations which it has conducted, Mihai Vlad had told Sâmpetru that latter name does not appear in the papers or requests for interception of service of which he “reads DNA.

The decision is final. The four were indicted by DNA prosecutors in April 2013.

Marius Radu Vladoianu, prosecutor of the Tribunal Dolj was detained by DNA for influence peddling and blackmail.

corruption justice of romania

In the same file, Ionel Tudose, prosecutor at DIOCT – Central Structure is prosecuted for complicity in extortion.

       According to a release of DNA in the period July 2012 – September 2013 Marius Radu Vlădoianu claimed by a person (denouncer concerned) money totaling 7,000 euros and a commission of 20% of the value of land or 20% of the disputed land surface to court to exercise influence over judges in Dolj, so that the denouncer to obtain a favorable judgment in a civil case on restoration of property rights, under appeal, and, on the other hand in order to facilitate enforcement.

            The relationship between the prosecutor and denouncing Vlădoianu was brokered in the period July 2002 – April 2013, another person who  claimed and received for Vlădoianu money for him from denouncing.

        Later in the period June 2014 – February 2015, to obtain an amount of money needed to cover the damage determined by the tax authorities (over 1 million RON) in a case that concerned a company in which his wife Vlădoianu prosecutor and a liaison person had interest Vlădoianu pressured the Syrian business people who have a contractual relationship with that company, to enable them to bear that loss.

The prosecutor Vlădoianu compelled Syrian businessmen to enter into a contract of sale for a property at a price overvalued, covering damage and ensure a profit for himself and liaison person.

     In this regard, it addressed Vlădoianu Syrians threats that will be opened a criminal case on their behalf DIICOT Bucharest.

   Syrian businessmen were also contacted by the person’s trust Vlădoianu, he addressed threats and filed a criminal complaint, but which was not registered in the records DIICOT by Ionel Tudosan prosecutor.

    However, in February, Syrian businessmen were summoned to the prosecutor DICOT Bucharest Tudosan without it to be empowered to solve any cause that to regard them. Moreover, the prosecutor Tudosan criminal proceedings are conducted without being concerned DIICOT role.