Lawyer Radu Pricop (son-in-law of Traian Basescu, former President of Romania) was sent to the judgment

Lawyer Radu Pricop , son-inLawyer Radu Pricop-law of former President Traian Basescu, and Sergiu Lucinschi, son of former President of the Republic of Moldova have been sent to court in the case for blackmailing of Alexander Horpos, from which Luchinsky asked four million euros to withdraw a complaint.

According to prosecutors, between December 2014 – March 2015, Sergiu Lucinschi with the complicity lawyer Radu Pricop he forced a businessman, denouncing in cause, to give four million euros, the amount that it does not owe him Lucinschi.

    The lawyer Radu Pricop is accused that, during the period December 2014 to March 2015, supported in criminal activity on Sergiu Lucinschi by formulating more solutions unlawful to justify the money by son of the former president of the Republic of Moldova, Petru Luchinsky.

Prosecutors from the National Anticorruption Directorate – Territorial Service Constanta, detained a police officer for taking bribes

Romanian police receives bribeOn 29 June 2015, defendant Lawrence Dobre Marin, commissioner of police in the Police Inspectorate of Constanta County– Criminal Investigation Service, claimed by a person (witness denouncer) EUR 3,000 for the exercise of criminal investigation body, not indicted witness to denounce the criminal case in which he is being investigated even by the defendant.
In addition, the defendant Lawrence Dobre Marin promised that in exchange for that sum denouncer will decide to return goods that were raised during house searches conducted in April 2015 to the latter’s residence.
Subsequently, on 16 July 2015 denouncing the witness was approached again by Lawrence Dobre Marin defendant, who allegedly once again, EUR 3,000 for the above purpose. To receive the sum of 3,000 euros, Laurentiu Marin Dobre defendant set a deadline of 20 July 2015 and subsequently on July 23, 2015.
Thus, on July 23, 2015, around 17:00, the defendant Lawrence Dobre Marin met with the informer in Port Tomis Constanta, circumstances in which the defendant received from the denouncer EUR 3,000, on this occasion ascertaining the flagrant offense.
In case supported specialized prosecutors from the Romanian Intelligence Service.
Lawrence Dobre defendant was made ​​aware of standing and charges, in accordance with Art. 309 Code of Criminal Procedure, to be presented on 24 July 2015, the Court finds the proposal of preventive arrest for 30 days.

The Judge Viorel Munteanu from Romania , is part of a group of interests more powerful than justice

He condemned a person in a case, although evidences that the person is innocent. hat in Romania, don’t believe that in Romania, the state institutions may do these abuses . Evidence and documents in the file have led us to make investigations regarding this case.

Bacau Court

The case number is 19435/180/2011 and was tried at the Court Bacau , Romania . In this folder have been obscure interests from the beginning. Group of interests of which he is a member and that judge, has done everything possible to condemn the accused person: intimidation, abuses, falsification of judiciary acts. In the file there are judicial expertise. These technical evidence show that the evidence on which it has used prosecutor have been counterfeit. However, the judge refused these samples without to give reasons for why they had not accepted. During the investigations we will show that this judge had  obscure interests judgment on this case. These obscure interests demonstrates that it is part of the network headed by a former prosecutor DIICOT.

We will present solid evidence supporting what we write. And other publications from Romania have written about this network, but state institutions refused to take what measures are required in these cases . It is obvious that Romania is overcome by the power Justice Mafia to these countries.

 In this case , Viorel Munteanu to pronounce in case that prosecutor and over 5 years he has decided that judge. State institutions protects such magistrates and promoting in the largest functions once again, Romania demonstrates that it is capable to protecting the abuses and corruption of a system , called justice. The citizens of Romania does not have the chance to be part of an process of open and honest. Interest groups from the Romanian judiciary have come to have a very large force. This force dark do not respect fundamental human rights and dominated by force citizens of Romania.


JUDGE, Aurelian Nicolae TomusAccording DIICOT , ten high school students and girls aged between 15 and 17 years,  were recruited and determined to prostitute . Their clients being found among judges, lawyers, doctors or policemen. The girls were blackmailed by the group members, they threatened to send their families compromising movies.

    As it regards the judge Aurelian Nicolae Tomus, it is accused of having threatened a girl that will reveal “compromising situations for her (erotic scenes filmed disclosure immorality victim) in order to induce continue the sexual relationship which the suspect maintains with it. “

    Clients of the group were identified from the judge Aurelian Nicolae Tomuş from Court Timisoara, Arad : Cosmin Codrin prosperous businessman , Paul Manzu, network head and  lawyer Adrian Popescu.
Recordings made by DIICOT, demonstrates the Judge disreputable behavior. They are the judges of Romania

Famosus prosecutor from Iasi City, Romania placed under remand  (He sold 200 paintings, some false)

Emilian EMILIAN EVAEva, prosecutor of the Court leave, professional grade Prosecutor’s Office High Court of Cassation and Justice, is suspected of financial transactions as trade acts incompatible with the purpose of obtaining for himself money, goods or other undue advantages and false statements regarding the wealth statements relating to works of art. 

Prosecutors from the National Anticorruption Directorate – (Department for Combating Corruption ) ordered detention for 24 hours, from 09 July 2015 16.55 o’clock, until 10 July 2015, at 16.55, EVA EMILIAN the defendant, prosecutor within Iasi Tribunal Prosecutor’s Office regarding the criminal offenses of:

  • Bribery
  • Money laundering                        
  • Conducting financial transactions as trade acts  incompatible with the purpose of obtaining for himself  money, goods or other undue advantages,
  • Misrepresentation.

     In order prosecutors it shows that in this case, data and evidence that outlines the following facts:

During the months of May-June 2014, during which his relative was hospitalized Eva Emilian defendant asked a doctor to do its best work “to be good for everyone”, meaning to grant treatment skilled person hospitalized.  

Emilian Eva Romania

      Following this request, on 16 June 2014 ordered the defendant Eva Emilian ranking by order of a criminal case or waiver of prosecution, to the doctor respectively investigated for committing the crime of bribery, fraud, abusive behavior , forgery, use of forgery.The solution was arrangedat intervals four days after the relevant file allocation prosecutor Eva Emilian. 

After the favorable settlement of this case, between August 2014 – March 2015 Eva Emilian defendant requested and received from the doctor that various goods and undue benefits as consideration for favorable solution adopted.
During the same period, the defendant claimed Emilian Eva and received from the doctor that a painting at an undervalued price, for which he paid the sum of 1,000 lei 2,000 lei instead, as it was market value.  Subsequently, the aforementioned range, Emilian Eva defendant requested and received from the same person, free of charge, two paintings.
       On 12 January 2015 the defendant through an intermediary obtained from the Ministry of Culture – Directorate for Culture Iasi, a permanent certificated and sent to the United Kingdom a total of three paintings, to be exploited by means of auction houses on the territory of the state mentioned above, one of the paintings being claimed and received as bribe.

        Between August 2014 and June 2015, the defendant Eva Emilian traded or brokered trading of more than 200 paintings, with a market value of about 300,000 euros, although the quality of magistrate is incompatible with carrying out acts of commerce. Specifically, between November 2014 – April 2015, the defendant Eva Emilian purchased from various individuals, a total of 94 paintings, some signed by Romanian and foreign artists best rated art market in Romania, which, directly or through intermediaries, he left them in custody for evaluation   at an   auction house   in Bucharest , of 

which a total of 16 paintings were valued at a total of 81,600 euros.

       In January – February 2015, the defendant Eva Emilian posted through intermediaries, for sale, on an advertising site to 34 paintings allegedly signed or executed by famous painters, requesting a total of 51,800 euros.
        Between August 2014 – June 2015, the defendant purchased or led negotiations for the purchase of various individuals or art galleries, asked evaluations from people with expertise, restored, using various painters / restorers, and has used or attempted to capitalize on a number of about 97 paintings. Of these, 12 paintings were judged by the defendant Eva Emilian and other intermediaries, the amounts of 84,500 euros, 95,000 pounds and 7,500 lei.
The analysis of the 2015 declaration of assets given on oath, it appeared that the defendant Eva Emilian made ​​untruthful statements in this letter which are in total contradiction to the facts described above. At issue is conducted criminal prosecution and to others. At issue supported by specialized prosecutors from the Romanian Intelligence Service.
    Eva defendant was made ​​aware Emilian standing and charges, in accordance with Art.309 Code of Criminal Procedure, to be presented on 10 July 2015, the High Court of Cassation and Justice, the proposal of preventive arrest for 30 days.
    We specify that the initiation of criminal action represents a stage of the criminal proceedings regulated by the Criminal Procedure Code, aimed at creating the procedural administration of evidence, any activity which can not, under any circumstances, infringe the principle of presumption of innocence.