The last Romanian Justice abuse

 On May 21, (2015) , Mariana Rarinca, the woman accused of blackmailing the head of ICCJ (High Court of Justice in Romania) , Livia Stanciu was finally acquitted. The decision was taken by the Court of Appeal, which found that the woman was not guilty of the acts for which she was denounced by Livia Stanciu. In the first instance, Bucharest Court judges sentenced her to three years’ probation for extortion.
Livia Stanciu argued in the complaint that Mariana Rarinca threatened her with revelations of makeshift facts, compromising for the Supreme Court chief and her husband. To prevent this from happening, she should have had to pay 20,000 euros.

                    On June 10, 2014, the woman who blackmailed the ICCJ president, Livia Stanciu, from whom she allegedly claimed 20,000 euros , threatened to disclose compromising information about the judge and her husband, received an arrest warrant for 30 days. Later, she spent another five months in custody.                                 

Mariana Rarinca, the woman arrested for 191 days, innocent , accused of having blackmailed the Supreme court president, Livia Stanciu, was placed behind bars after she called Antena 3. (TV station in Romania) .The disclosure was made Sunday, during the Meeting Point show on Antena 3.

Journalist Răzvan Savaliuc, editor of, (online newspaper of Romania) presented the document showing that the 56 year old woman, the day before she was arrested, she had called on Antena 3, because she could not bear the situation. (Antena 3)

Prosecutors show in the restraining order request that in the period April – June 3, Mariana Rarinca would have threatened the President of the High Court of Cassation and Justice, Livia Stanciu, with “the revelations of makeshift facts, in order to gain for herself, unjustly, a patrimonial benefit “.
“Moreover, the defendant threatened the injured party with the disclosure by the press (a TV station) of some compromising information about her and her family, claiming that she had documents and other evidence that can prove her allegations,” DNA said, in -a statement.
DNA (National Anticorruption Directorate) sources said at the time that the woman who had blackmailed Livia Stanciu , had worked with the magistrate’s husband. She claimed that the man owed her money and asked the judge 20,000 euros not to make this public. Livia Stanciu notified the DNA that she was being blackmailed.